Cod Salad Recipe for Christmas

Cod Salad Recipe

To start your Christmas dinner in style, there's nothing better than a Portuguese-style cod salad. In this simple cod recipe you will need cod, sweet potato, egg, green scent, onion and garlic, all easy to find ingredients that will result in a wonderful cod recipe!

Surprise the family with this cod salad for Christmas designed for those who take care of food throughout the year. She is so hot that everyone will want it to be Christmas every day! Continue here at TudoReceitas and see how to make simple step-by-step cod in photos.

Ingredients for making Cod Salad for Christmas:

 250 grams of cod

 250 grams of sweet potatoes

 3 eggs

 2 onion

 4 cloves of garlic

 1 bay leaf

 green smell to taste



 Black pepper

 Black olives

How to Make Cod Salad for Christmas:

The first step, and perhaps the most important, is to desalt the cod. This takes a whole day and you should change the water at least 3 times.

Check out our tips and tricks on how to prepare cod.

Tip: Depending on how the cod is placed, it can take more or less time to desalt. That's why it's important that you taste a small piece that's still raw to make sure it's ready. To make the recipe easier, you can buy desalted cod in chips.

In a pan, place the desalted cod, 2 garlic, 1 onion, bay leaf, part of the green scent and two tablespoons of oil. Cover with water and boil for about 30 minutes or until it is ready to shred.

Tip: You'll know the cod is ready when the chips start to come loose from each other and from the skin.

While the cod is in the pan, peel, chop the sweet potato into slices and place to cook in a pan with water and a little salt. Also put the eggs to cook in a pan of water.

See our tips on how to know if the egg is cooked.

Shred the cod and place in a bowl. Cut the other onion, the remaining garlic and green scent and add to the cod bowl. Mix these ingredients with a drizzle of oil and add salt and pepper to taste.

Tip: If you prefer, you can sauté these ingredients in a frying pan instead of simply mixing them in a bowl.

On a platter make a layer of sweet potatoes, on top place the cod from the previous step and garnish with the peeled and sliced ​​eggs and black olives. Ready! Now you have an excellent starter to make your Christmas dinner even more delicious.

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Tip: Don't forget to leave in the comments your opinion about this cod salad recipe for Christmas and, of course, a photo for the TudoReceitas team to see how the result turned out. Enjoy your food!

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